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Dzhinni 11 02, 2018

- Milana, take your jeans off!-Yelled Chloe.

-And you get your doll, red Sonja!

-I'll tell my mother!14-year-old Chloe screamed.

        Meanwhile, the mother heard the cries of the offspring and went into the room: So, again, the pots broke?-strictly she said.

- Mоm, she spread its Remy-and I slipped! - Crying Chloe.

-She's your backpack, put on my bed!- I started complaining to Milan.

- March, in school, crybabies!-Cried the mother.

           The girls took the bags and went to debate in school.

-I look at you don't want-!Chloe Muttered.

-Well, crying, you little shit!- Cut off sister.

               At school they met Oleg: "Oh, you're here, how's it going?"

-Terribly.-Said Chloe.

-Indifferently.- Said sister.

-You're cool.-Said Oleg.

    Milana looked at him.

-You too... And she kissed him.

-Gross. -Said Chloe.

-Shut up, SIS.


 All the students turned around and then they got fossilized one Chloe looked back and survived...


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