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    Рассказ Pianus клена

    Maple Story Pianus

    Описание игры:
    Press key 3 and 4 - 3 gives you lots of health and mana, 4 gives you lots of mesos - Do not press the "A" key to attack as your health and mana will reset - if you do press 3 again to hack them. The number of hacked mesos does not show on screen as it's very large.
    Управление игрой:
    Arrow Keys - Move.<br /> A - Hyper Body. <br /> S - Meso.<br /> D - Shadow Partner.<br /> F - Claw Booster.<br /> F - Haste.<br /> Z - Throw Star.<br /> X - Heal.<br /> C - Meso Explosion.<br /> G - Summon Ifrit.<br /> Insert / Delete Key - Pot


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